Experience Equals Efficiency

A leader in the baking industry, Bimbo Bakeries USA is known for its category leading brands, innovative products, freshness and quality. Bimbo’s timely delivery system requires that products are taken from their production centers and routed to their depot buildings where they are then transported to local retail locations.

Needing to locate in Toledo, Ohio in 2008, Bimbo Bakeries chose an existing property that Becknell Industrial had available in the market. Although the facility was not an exact fit, Becknell’s vertical integration capabilities easily allowed the Company to build out additional dock doors to meet Bimbo’s specific requirements.

In 2011, Becknell constructed its first build-to-suit development for Bimbo Bakeries. This continued relationship over the years has allowed Becknell to fully understand Bimbo’s requirements related to their building specifications, site conditions and property security. For example, Bimbo requires a <1% grade away from their facilities as a safety precaution for the movement of their bread carts. This requires careful pre-planning and specific grading considerations in the site planning process. In addition, Bimbo’s delivery system requires a great deal of upfront coordination with their IT staff related to card readers, inventory management and security within the building. Becknell also assists in making Bimbo Bakeries facilities more efficient by installing Big Ass Fans. With these fans, the air is turned over many times providing exceptional ventilation, thus eliminating Bimbo’s need to fully air condition the entire space.

Not only does Becknell provide Bimbo with operating efficiencies once the structures are complete, it also works with Bimbo on the timing and delivery of new facilities so as to mitigate Bimbo’s potential problem of paying rent on two facilities if they are moving from an existing location.

To date, Becknell has partnered with Bimbo Bakeries USA on 10 build-to-suits totaling nearly 320,000 square feet. It is through these years of experience that Becknell has been able to master the optimal design for Bimbo properties. Becknell continues to look for new opportunities to collaborate with Bimbo Bakeries across the United States.