Over the course of the past 75+ years, Stephen Gould has been recognized as a leader within the packaging industry, growing to become one of the largest privately owned packaging sales organizations in the US, with 2015 revenue surpassing $630 Million. Throughout their history, they have evolved our expertise from a simple industrial packaging supplier to a complex turnkey partner, with the ability to design, prototype and produce packaging across all mediums, while also providing supply chain management, warehousing and logistics services. Stephen Gould excels through their people-first approach, relentlessly working to get quality products to market, while building trust with their customers and various partners through every engagement. Now entering their third generation of family leadership, SG continues to set the standard for performance and service as we pursue creative advances in design, engineering and supply chains that can solve any packaging challenge on both a local and global scale.

Success Stories

Since entering Whitestown in 2015, Becknell Industrial continues to expand its presence in the market from zero to more than 1 million square feet in just over four years