Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream is a $2 billion company that subsidiaries manufacture and distribute a full spectrum of ice cream and frozen dessert products. Brands of frozen dessert products currently manufactured or distributed by Dreyer’s in the United States include Grand, Slow Churned®, Dibs®, Häagen-Dazs®, Nestlé® Drumstick®, Nestlé Crunch®, Nestlé® Butterfinger®, Nestlé® Toll House®,Nestlé® Carnation®, Nestlé® Push-Up®, Frosty Paws®, Eskimo Pie®, Chipwich®, Fruit Bars, and The Skinny Cow®. The company’s premium products are marketed under theDreyer’s brand name throughout the Western states and Texas, and under the Edy’s® brandname throughout the remainder of the United States. Internationally, the Dreyer’s brandextends to select markets in the Far East and the Edy’s brand extends to the Caribbean andSouth America.

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