Becknell Services warehouse wins approval for speculative warehouse

Aug 21, 2018

T&C Metals will move by Nov. 1 from 5220 New Kings Road about 6 miles south to 6746 Stuart Ave.

“Our business is growing at a tremendous pace and we need more room to bring in more product,” said Thomas DeSaulniers, branch manager for T&C Metals.

It sells wholesale metal products and is a division of ABC Supply Co. Inc. DeSaulniers said the West Jacksonville move into 60,000 square feet of space almost doubles T&C’s current space of 38,000 square feet.

“To continue our growth, we need this facility,” he said. He said the new address has an additional 17,000 square feet that he hopes to use in two or three years.

Becknell Services warehouse wins approval

Becknell Services LLC landed St. Johns River Water Management District approval for its proposed 186,000-square-foot speculative Becknell Industrial warehouse in Westlake Industrial Park. The district said Aug. 10 that it is giving notice of its decision to grant the permit. Becknell Industrial, based in Lyons, Illinois, partnered with Norfolk Southern to develop the transportation company’s Westlake Industrial Park.