United Way of Central Indiana is comprised of individuals dedicated to improving our organization, its partnerships and its resources to benefit the lives of everyone in our community.

United Way offers the opportunity to help people and be on the cutting edge of community building efforts. We harness the collective compassion resources of our community to improve lives.

We strive to maximize our impact on the community by creating and sustaining an environment that leverages the creativity and innovation that result from the unique perspectives that individuals bring. We believe that our community is best served when diversity and inclusion are embedded in everything we do. As such, we encourage the active participation of our team; including our employees, volunteers, donors, advocates and community partners.

Diversity refers to the similarities and differences, both visible and invisible, that exist among people. Diversity includes values, beliefs, lifestyles, abilities, ethnicities, ages, genders, experiences, thinking styles, backgrounds, orientations, behaviors, cultures, socioeconomic status and the innumerable other aspects that shape an individual’s personality and unique identity.

Inclusion is inviting and embracing the full breadth of perspectives, fully engaging those perspectives, and leveraging them to achieve our individual and collective potential. Inclusion requires action. Inclusion is more than accommodating or allowing diversity. It is about building strength through the inherent value of diversity and seeing it as a fundamental part of all we do. It requires a focus on how each of us makes decisions and a willingness to recognize and eliminate barriers to inclusion.

Our vision is that Central Indiana will be a community where children, individuals and families thrive; neighbors care for each other; and we are proud of all our residents’ quality of life.