CYO programs could not operate without the support of our donors. It is as simple as that. Thirty-nine percent of our income is non-fee based. Your gift to the CYO assures that no child will be unable to participate because of financial hardship and secures the continuation of CYO programs. All of the gifts that we receive, whether financial, in volunteers hours or through prayer, have a positive impact upon our youth.

Designed to provide financial support for CYO programs now and in the future,Sahm-Kuntz Legacy Fund corporate partners annually contribute $1,500.00 to the organization. Fifty percent of a corporation’s Sahm-Kuntz Legacy Fund gift is used for operating expenses, and the other half is placed into an endowment fund.

The goal of our Board of Directors is to endow this organization through the Sahm-Kuntz Fund with one million dollars over the next several years so that financial assistance will always be available.

Corporate participants in the program are identified as CYO sponsors through recognition on this website, through the placement of signage in over 50 Archdiocesan gymnasiums and through power point presentations shown at our CYO fundraiser. The CYO website receives about 1 million hits a year, and events draw anywhere from a few hundred to over three thousand people. Nearly 16,000 youth participate in our programs